MicroCare Medical

MicroCare Medical™

Disposable medical devices change our world every day, saving lives, speeding recoveries and reducing costs.

MicroCare Medical offers cleaners, coatings and lubricants that make the metal, glass, plastic and ceramic parts used in these devices simply work better. With superior technologies and unsurpassed customer service, we have the trust of companies around the globe. 

PTFE dry film lubricants speed the assembly of medical devices. A thin layer of dry PTFE lubricant improves the functionality of many devices by reducing friction between moving parts. They provide surgical devices with smoother, more consistent actuation and reduced “stiction”. Dry lubricants are calibrated for consistent coating results and easy validation.

Carrier fluids are useful carrier agents for medical-grade lubricants, glues, inks and particulate because they have good solubility and are nonflammable, which maximizes safety. The MicroCare Medical™ carrier fluids evaporate completely and leave no residue (other than the coating or powder being deposited on the substrate). These liquids also can be tailored to better manage materials compatibility, dispensing issues, and affordability. 

Some medical devices require tight, leak free silicone or polyurethane tubing assemblies. But assembling those devices can be laborious. Swellex™ fluids makes hose assembly faster and easier, forming seals that are strong and leak-proof.