ProChek® S Steam Sterilization Integrators

Product Information

ProChek S is an internal chemical monitor strip imprinted with special inks to verify penetration of steam inside peel pouches, cassettes and instrument packs


  • Place paper strip inside peel pouches, cassettes and instrument packs as an internal chemical monitor to verify penetration of steam sterilization inside the packaging
  • Provides immediate result monitoring of packages and loads at end of the sterilization cycle
  • Use in steam sterilization process
  • Paper strip with ink color change acts as documentation in sterilization compliance records


  • Lab validated Type IV multi-parameter integrator responds to steam and heat over time
  • More reliable internal chemical monitor for surgical packs
  • Dramatic ink color change from yellow to blue-purple provides visible confirmation when sterilization conditions are met
  • ProChek S internal chemical integrator strips are a critical part of sterilization quality assurance protocols recommended by the CDC and AAMI ST79
  • Environmentally responsible indicator ink is lab verified as non-hazardous waste
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Product Details

Product Image
Part Number Package Weight Size Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
Product Image TSI440-1 1 TSI440-1 Box / 100 Strips 142 mm x 23 mm 5.6 in x .9 in
Part Number TSI440-1
Package Box / 100 Strips
Size 142 mm x 23 mm 5.6 in x .9 in
Technical Data Sheet
Safety Rating NA

Technical Data Sheet

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