Tergo™ XCF3 Superior Cleaning Fluid & Degreaser (3M Novec™ 72DE & 73DE Replacement)

Product Information

Tergo XCF3 removes caked-on greases, silicone fluids, organic contaminants and waxes


  • Precision cleaning of metals, alloys, composites and some plastics.
  • Heavy degreasing and/or flux removal
  • Particle displacement
  • Carrier solvent for fluorinated polymers, oils and greases
  • Carrier solvent for silicone oils and greases
  • Drying agent after cleaning with hydrocarbons or alcohols
  • An excellent replacement for HFCs, HFEs, PFCs, TCE, nPB, and PFAS-containing solvents
  • Replaces Solvay SolvoKane™, Vertrel® MCA, Vertrel SDG and more  
  • Good alternative for 3M Novec™ 72DE and 73DE 


  • Thermally and hydrolytically stable
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-corrosive
  • High Kb cleaning power
  • Extremely low Global Warming Potential (GWP)
  • Zero Ozone Depleetion Potential (ODP)
  • Fast Drying
  • Low surface tension, low viscocity, high liquid density
  • Excellent permaeability
  • Recoverable by simple distillation
  • Can be used with ultrasonics

Tergo XCF3 is designed to eliminate the most tenacious contaminants in the most efficient time, leaving your parts dry and ready for further processing. Tergo XCF3 is an azeotropic, specialized solvent blend ideal for operating in open-top, ultrasonic and vacuum vapor degreasers. It has excellent solvency power for a wide range of soils, including oils, greases, waxes, and hydraulic fluids.

Formulated with hydrochlorofluoroolefin technology, this non-flammable blend exhibits a low Global Warming Potential (less than 1), no Ozone Depleting Potential, is non-hazardous and does not contain any ingredients that qualify as a PFAS in the USA or EU. With its high-KB formulation, it's ideal for cleansing metals and circuit boards and has outstanding compatibility across various metal alloys and high-density polymer substrates. Its chemical composition also renders it inhospitable to pathogens, making it invaluable in aerospace and medical settings where bioburden is a concern.

Unlike legacy solvents such as trichloroethylene (TCE) and n-propyl bromide (nPB), Tergo XCF3 is hydrolytically stable and does not require additional stabilizers or “boosters” to maintain safe cleaning efficiency. Tergo XCF3 has a low surface tension and high density, making it an effective cleaner in tight spaces and for displacing particulate and dust.

Tergo XCF3 is designed to replace TCE, nPB, HFCs, PFCs, HFEs and PFAS-containing solvents used for cleaning, degreasing, flushing or in carrier fluid applications. Tergo XCF3 can solubilize and carry chlorinated, fluorinated, silicone and hydrocarbon mixtures.

Tergo XCF3 can be used on chemically resilient substrates including metals, high density polymers and printed circuit boards.

Product Details

Product Image
Part Number Package Weight Size Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
Product Image MCC-TXCF3GL TXCF3GL Novec 72DE Novec 73DE Vertel MCA Solvay Solvokane MCC-TXCF3GL Glass 1.13 kg 2.5 lbs. .09 L 1 Quart
Product Image MCC-TXCF3G TXCF3G Novec 72DE Novec 73DE Vertel MCA Solvay Solvokane MCC-TXCF3G Glass 4.54 kg 10 lbs. 3.3 L 1 Gallon
Product Image MCC-TXCF3P TXCF3P Novec 72DE Novec 73DE Vertel MCA Solvay Solvokane MCC-TXCF3P Pail 20.4 kg 45 lbs. 15.9 L 5 Gallons
Product Image MCC-TXCF3D TXCF3D Novec 72DE Novec 73DE Vertel MCA Solvay Solvokane MCC-TXCF3D Drum 226.8 kg 500 lbs. 177 L 55 Gallons
Package Glass Glass Pail Drum
Weight 1.13 kg 2.5 lbs. 4.54 kg 10 lbs. 20.4 kg 45 lbs. 226.8 kg 500 lbs.
Size .09 L 1 Quart 3.3 L 1 Gallon 15.9 L 5 Gallons 177 L 55 Gallons
Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet
Appearance Clear, colorless
Odor Slight
PEL (ppm, 8-hr TWA) 200 ppm
Boiling Point 45.6°C (114°F)
F-Gas Compliant
Evaporation Rate <1
Cleaning Strength (Kb) 115
Flashpoint None, nonflammable
Global Warming Rating (100yr) <1
Ozone Impact Zero
RoHS & WEEE Compliant
Safety Rating Non-flammable
Specific Gravity 1.29
Surface Tension 21 Dy/cm
Viscosity 0.57 cP
Vapor Pressure @ 20ºC 351