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Revolutionizing Electronics Assembly: The TriggerGrip™ Story
December 12, 2023

In the world of electronics assembly, worker safety, waste reduction and production efficiency have always been important. But in the early 1980’s a game-changing invention transformed the landscape forever.  Clarence Clapp, a business associate of our founder, Chris Jones, engineered the very first TriggerGrip™ PCB Cleaning Tool and it was central to the success of the then-new business. The first United States patent was awarded in July 1987. Jay Tourigny, MicroCare Sr. Vice President, developed TriggerGrip refinements in the form of new spray through accessories as well as materials improvements that increased safety and cleaning utility while extending Trigger Grip service life.   Little did they know that their creation would go on to shape the future of critical cleaning in the electronics industry.

A New Level of Control

The TriggerGrip brought a new level of ease and control to the PCB cleaning process. It replaced worker improvised cleaning processes that often used old toothbrushes and baby food jars filled with solvent to do touch-up cleaning of Circuit Boards.  The TriggerGrip’s ergonomic design allowed workers to maintain a comfortable grip while safely dispensing high purity cleaning solvent drawn from MicroCare aerosol cans onto the dirty PCBs. This led to an engineered approach to cleaning at the workbench that offered a significant reduction in solvent waste since it dispensed significantly less solvent that other aerosol cleaners, and prevented over spray because solvent was only applied where necessary.

It also allowed workers to use every drop of flux remover inside the can, saving money and eliminating the need for the empty cans to be discarded as hazardous waste.

Continuous Evolution

As the industry evolved, so did the TriggerGrip™. In January 1990, a US patent was awarded for the improved TriggerGrip™ design. The enhanced version used a new “springclip” to attach the Trigger Grip to any MicroCare aerosol solvent and incorporated a rugged steel solvent supply hose to significantly extend the service life of the TriggerGrip. Over the years, electronics fabricating companies around the world have been using the TriggerGrip™ to improve their productivity, reduce costs and improve worker well-being.