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Modern Fiber Networks Need Modern Cleaning Methods
January 18, 2023

Even the smallest contaminant can be disastrous for a modern fiber optic network.

Today’s connected world has millions of devices and billions of users demanding uninterrupted service and super-high speeds.

One speck of dust or one fingerprint on a fiber endface can block the optical signal, slowing speeds, interrupting signals or causing a complete network shut-down.

That’s why fiber optic endface cleaning is key.

Keep your fiber optic networks robust and reliable with engineered cleaning fluids and tools from Sticklers™.

Sticklers Fiber optic Cleaning Fluids add humidity to fiber end faces, break the static bond that hold contaminats in place and allow your fiber cleaning tools to work better.

Engineered cleaning tools like Sticklers CleanStixx™ and CleanClickers™ are fast and easy to use. Plus they don't leave FOD (Foeign Object Debris) behind.

Sticklers Fiber Cleaning Kits include all the fluids, tools and wipes you need in one convenient and easy-to-transport package. 


The Sticklers Pro360™  Touchless Cleaner creates a Coandă effect of atomized fluid and air to break the static bond, lift the contamination and whisk it away as the cleaning fluid evaporates. All with the touch of a button.