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The Role of Germicidal Detergents in Sterile Processing
November 15, 2023

IIn the intricate world of Sterile Processing Departments, germicidal detergents emerge as indispensable tools, particularly for handling delicate items that cannot undergo thermal disinfection in washer disinfectors. The term "germicidal" itself encapsulates the essence of "germ killing," with interchangeability seen in the terms disinfectant and antimicrobial. In this blog post, we delve into the crucial aspects surrounding germicidal detergents, exploring considerations such as EPA registration, material compatibility, and the efficacy of ProSpray™ disinfectant/cleaner from MicroCare Medical. 

EPA Registration and Verification:

Sales respresentatives may assert verbal claims regarding a detergent's efficay in "killing pathigens like VRE or MRSA. However, these claims should be verified by inspecting the product label for EPA registration. When thermal washer disinfection is not feasible, and germicidal action is imperative, the selected product or chemical must posess EPA registration, preferrably with TB kill capabilities. A vital aspect is ensuring the germicidal detergents or cleaner/disinfectant products explicity outline application instructions for cleaning on their labels. 

Material Compatibility and Safety:

Material compatibility is a paramount concern when dealing with germicidal detergents. Examination of both the product label and the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) in section 3 helps identify chemicals present. Cross-referencing this information with the device's instructions (IFU) determines compatibility or potential corrosiveness. Certain chemicals, like bleach, ammoniums, and peroxides, may pose compatibility issues. For instance, high alcohol content in a disinfectant cleaner can act as a fixative on protein, making it more challenging to clean off blood if used before the item is entirely clean.

ProSpray from MicroCare Medical

ProSpray™ disinfectant/cleaner emerges as a valuable asset in the realm of Sterile Processing. Offered by MicroCare Medical, ProSpray products come in ready-to-use, concentrate, and wipes variants. These water-based solutions are EPA registered, providing effective disinfection and cleaning with less than 5% alcohol content. Notably, ProSpray products are known for their gentleness and broad compatibility with a variety of materials.


As Sterile Processing Departments navigate the complexities of ensuring aseptic conditions, the role of germicidal detergents becomes pivotal. From verifying EPA registration and understanding material compatibility to embracing effective solutions like ProSpray™ from MicroCare Medical, meticulous consideration of these factors ensures a seamless and safe process. By staying informed and utilizing advanced products, Sterile Processing Departments can uphold the highest standards of cleanliness and disinfection, ultimately contributing to the safety and well-being of both staff and patients.