Greener PCB Cleaning at Nuremberg Expo from MicroCare

MicroCare Europe bvba, the industry’s leading producer of critical cleaning fluids for the electronics industry, will showcase a radically new cleaning chemistry at the SMT Hybrid Packaging Expo in Nuremberg, Germany from 16-18 May.

The new Tergo™ High Performance Flux Remover is a unique, non-flammable, low-temperature vapour degreasing fluid formulated for high-volume production cleaning of circuit boards in automated vapour degreasing systems. It uses a formulation which enables companies to clean PCBs faster, more thoroughly and at a lower cost whilst meeting ever-more stringent European environmental and safety regulations.

“SMT Hybrid Packaging is the ideal platform in which to present Tergo™ High Performance Flux Remover,” said  Scott Wells, MicroCare General Manager – Europe. “The show is big, it is entirely focused on electronics, and the German market makes every effort to be as environmentally responsible as possible. This new Tergo™ product is a win-win for everybody.”

The new product has been specifically engineered to clean even the most challenging solder pastes and flux residues, including water-soluble (OA) fluxes, lead-free materials and stubborn white residues. It is highly effective for quickly and gently cleaning complex shapes and delicate substrates. Importantly, it avoids the expense and global warming impacts of aqueous cleaning technologies as well as the environmental challenges of old-style chlorinated solvents. It can be used anywhere in Europe and is compatible with traditional vapour degreasing equipment and procedures. This makes it the ideal drop-in replacement for many older chemistries being phased-out in Europe under environmental, health, safety or economic pressures.

Also at SMT Hybrid Packaging, MicroCare will exhibit the recently-introduced additions to the MicroCare aerosol series used for rework and repair. These include the Universal Flux RemoverUniversal Contact Cleaner and Polar Flux RemoverUniversal Flux Remover is a highly effective cleaner for the rosin-based, high-temperature, lead-free materials that are notoriously difficult to clean. Universal Contact Cleaner is formulated for cleaning electrical contacts, relays, switches and circuits. Lastly, the Polar Flux Remover is the most aggressive of the three and is suitable for cleaning the heavy, aged fluxes and pastes found in today’s PCBs. All three products meet European F-Gas regulations and are REACH, GHS, WEEE- and ROHS compliant. All are designed to help manufacturers drive down the cost of cleaning.

For more details, visit the MicroCare team at SMT Hybrid Packaging stand #4-301, or visit