New Spec Clean™ Infection Prevention Fluids Introduced at New York Vet Show

MicroCare Medical introduced its Spec Clean™ infection prevention fluids at the New York Vet Show at the Javits Convention Center in New York City in October 2023. The Vet Show is a groundbreaking event for veterinary professionals looking to improve  the safety and health of both their animal patients and their staff.

The Spec Clean™ infection prevention fluids are meticulously crafted to meet the specific needs of veterinary practices, animal hospitals, and wellness clinics. These innovative products are poised to redefine standards in infection control in the veterinary field.

The spotlight of the product lineup is the Spec Clean™ Instrument Enzymatic Detergents. These enzymatic detergents are designed to quickly and gently clean delicate medical and dental instruments after use. The fluids are used for instrument presoaking or for manual or ultrasonic cleaning. They rapidly dissolve blood, fats, starches, and protein soils while neutralizing both organic and chemical odors. They reduce scrubbing and rinsing time yet effectively clean hard-to-reach hidden soils inside serrations, box locks, tool joints and cannulated areas. Their anti-corrosive formula also helps extend the life of valuable instruments.

The Spec Clean™ Pre-Treatment Sprays are additional standouts in the new product range. Spec Clean™ Pre-Treatment Sprays are engineered to retain moisture after procedures to start the cleaning process and prevent surgical soils from drying during high-volume delays which could result in the need for difficult and risky manual instrument scrubbing.

The MicroCare Medical veterinary-approved product line is rounded out by non-foaming ultrasonic cleaners, an instrument lubricant, and sterilization and safety tools.

Tyler Longenecker, Commercial Sales Manager for MicroCare Medical says, “Medical professionals have relied on MicroCare Medical to deliver the highest quality products for years. Spec Clean™ now brings that same commitment to excellence to professionals throughout the veterinary industry. We are excited to extend our expertise to the veterinary community with these innovative infection prevention products.”