Precision Cleaning Video Released by MicroCare

MicroCare has just released a new video explaining the benefits of a new critical cleaning chemistry, the Tergo™ Chlorine-Free Cleaning Fluid.  All of the new Tergo™ cleaning fluids use unique chemistries and clever packaging to help companies clean parts faster, better and at lower cost while meeting ever-more stringent environmental and safety regulations, and the Tergo™ Chlorine-Free Cleaning Fluid is a great example of this innovation. It helps companies clean parts faster and more thoroughly yet at a lower cost and with an improved environmental profile. The cleaner is a strong degreaser removing oils, grease, and light oxidation from finished parts and PCBs. Because the Tergo™ fluid is compatible with existing vapor degreasing equipment, it is an ideal replacement for many older chemistries being phased-out due to environmental, health, safety or economic pressures. Equipment modifications generally are unnecessary.

“Cleaning with any of the new Tergo™ fluids will be much ‘greener’ and more energy efficient than older systems,” said David Ferguson, Precision Cleaning Product Manager at MicroCare: “This new product cleans great, uses less electricity, less floorspace and fewer people. All this means faster, better and less expensive cleaning, without using a drop of water.”

Click here to watch the video about the features and benefits of the Tergo™ CFCF and the other Tergo™ fluids.