Tergo™ CFCF Chlorine Free Cleaning Fluid

Product Information

Extremely strong, non-flammable, non-chlorinated solvent for vapor degreasing



  • This high strength vapor degreasing fluid doesn't contain chlorinated or brominated solvents for long-term regulatory compliance
  • Tergo Chlorine Free Cleaning Fluid is designed for use in a 3-sump vapor degreaser. Existing vapor degreasers will require an engineering analysis to assure cleanliness and production throughput. Achieving higher levels or production throughput with exisiting vapor degreasers may require auxiliary equipment
  • Operates at normal vapor degreasing boiling point temperatures to remove a wide spectrum of soils
  • High soil loading capacity mans lower solvent costs through long fluid batch life
  • Compatible with most metals, plastics, elastomers and plastics
  • Low surface tension and high liquid density
  • Maintenance-free - no need for acid acceptance testing and scavengers
  • Nonflammable for facility safety
  • Zero ODP
  • REACH, F-Gas and  SNAP compliant
  • Not a HAP (Hazardous Air Pollutant) and not subject to NESHAP regulation
  • Not subject to SARA Title III (EPCRA) reporting requirements

Tergo Chlorine-Free Cleaning Fluid is an extremely strong, non-flammable, non-chlorinated solvent for use in vapor degreasers. It has excellent materials compatibility and is designed to work at normal vapor degreasing temperatures.

Tergo CFCF is an environmentally advanced vapor degreasing solvent. This diverse fluid has a boiling point consistent with historical vapor degreasing solvents, and can clean a wide variety of soils, while maintaining excellent material compatibility. Tergo CFCF demonstrates low surface tension and high liquid density, which maximizes cleaning efficiency. It has been designed to work in commonly designed two sump vapor degreasers, allowing for broad acceptance and minimizing new equipment requirements.

This technology can remove no-clean, lead-free and RMA fluxes off of delicate substrates such as flexible circuitry or remove stubborn buffing compounds that are impregnated into bearing raceways. It is also very effective at displacing and removing fine particulates. Tergo CFCF has very high soil loading capability, which translates into lower solvent costs through long fluid bath life. This fluid has a high vapor density which further extends solvent conservation as the vapors are easily condensed and precipitate back into the machine instead of being dragged out with the parts being cleaned.

The vapor degreasing process with Tergo CFCF allows for maximum cleaning flexibility and broad compatibility with plastics and elastomers. This innovative fluid eliminates the dependence on chlorinated solvent additives, which are traditionally used to enhance the aggression of milder fluorinated fluids.

Users should also consult the appropriate Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for additional details.

Product Details

Product Image
Part Number Package Weight Size Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
Product Image MCC-TCFCF01EU TCFCF01EU MCC-TCFCF01EU Pail 20.5 kg 45 lbs. 19 L 5 Gallons
Product Image M2S-TCFCFRIEUP TCFCFRIEUP M2S-TCFCFRIEUP Pail 25 kg 55 lbs. 19 L 5 Gallons
Product Image M2S-TCFCF01EUD TCFCF01EUD M2S-TCFCF01EUD Drum 204 kg 450 lbs. 200 L 55 Gallons
Product Image M2S-TCFCFRIEUD TCFCFRIEUD M2S-TCFCFRIEUD Drum 227 kg 500 lbs. 200 L 55 Gallons
Package Pail Pail Drum Drum
Weight 20.5 kg 45 lbs. 25 kg 55 lbs. 204 kg 450 lbs. 227 kg 500 lbs.
Size 19 L 5 Gallons 19 L 5 Gallons 200 L 55 Gallons 200 L 55 Gallons
Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet
Appearance Clear, colorless
Odor Slight
Boiling Point 74˚C / 165˚F
F-Gas Compliant
Flashpoint None / Nonflammable
VOC Organic Content (g/L) 70
Ozone Impact Zero
REACH & ELINCS Compliant
RoHS & WEEE Compliant
Safety Rating Non-flammable
Specific Gravity 1.44
Surface Tension 16.1 dyn/cm
Viscosity 0.43
Vapor Pressure @ 20ºC 206 (mmHg)