Sticklers Team Promotes “Inspect-Clean-Inspect” Process at Data Center World Event

The 2018 Data Center World Event in Singapore concluded on October 11, 2018.  The Sticklers™ team made a strong impact with an “Inspect-Clean-Inspect Before You Clean” message.

The Sticklers™ booth was large, bright and well-equipped to showcase a variety of datacom cleaning applications. It was the perfect setting for face-to-face discussions on the latest fiber cleaning techniques. The consensus of the Sticklers™ team is that it was a busy and successful show.

One of the biggest attractions at the booth was a display with a rack of LC and MPO connectors created by our Sticklers Business Manager, Dixon Tan. The display consisted a rack of connectors, a Viavi inspection scope and a monitor to display the FiberChek image.

Any connectors with a “failed” inspection reading were cleaned using Sticklers™ Cleanclicker™ Fiber Optic Connector Cleaners and Cleanstixx™ Connector Cleaning Sticks to demonstrate to potential customers how Sticklers™ cleaning tools can help them get perfectly clean splices and connectors every time.