Sustainability is Focus of Productronica 2019

Productronica 2019 wrapped up on November 15, 2019.

It was a very good show for MicroCare. Thousands of attendees from across the globe traveled to Munich, Germany to learn more about the latest developments and trends in the electronics industry. MicroCare welcomed visitors from 22 countries from as far away as India and Malaysia. The show atmosphere was upbeat and optimistic.

At MicroCare we realize just how important sustainable manufacturing is and how it is becoming an integral part of how products are produced. Productronica was the ideal platform for MicroCare to showcase the innovative Tergo™ family of cleaning products which boasts impressive ‘green’ credentials.

“When it comes to selecting cleaning solutions, we are seeing a change to the approach in which the electronics industry is choosing their cleaning fluids,” said Scott Wells, General Manager, MicroCare Europe.

“A very important consideration of a cleaning fluid is its sustainability. Cleaning fluids must minimize any negative environmental impact, while also cleaning effectively. This is particularly important as electronic components become smaller and more intricate,” he continued.

“Another significant factor is ensuring the safety of workers. The Tergo™ product range upholds regulatory compliances with excellent toxicity profiles, making them safer for the environment and people.”

At the show, MicroCare highlighted Tergo™ High Performance Flux Remover which was developed and tailored to not only meet our customers’ exacting cleaning performance demands but to also do it in an economically and environmentally sound way. It contains no harmful chlorine-containing elements. This ensures it is within the strict European regulatory and environmental boundaries and meets evolving regulatory requirements.

Tergo™ High Performance Flux Remover is a non-flammable fluid engineered for cleaning PCBs in vapour degreasers. It features a non-volatile additive specifically developed to clean challenging high-temperature solder pastes and flux residues, stubborn white residue and water-soluble (OA) fluxes. Tergo™ High Performance Flux Remover is a drop-in replacement for many older legacy chemistries that are being phased-out under environmental, health, safety or economic pressures. It also makes it an excellent replacement for power-hungry aqueous cleaning machines, therefore helping to conserve natural resources.

As regulatory demands change, and environmental concerns grow, finding a cleaning solution for complex electronic components can be challenging. Tergo™ High Performance Flux Remover is helping to answer these requirements and improving manufacturing processes.

In short, this biennial expo provided many opportunities to meet customers and to demonstrate to key decision makers how MicroCare critical cleaning fluids can help them improve their cleaning in a sustainable way. It was a big success and we look forward to participating in the next Productronica in 2021.