Upgraded Cleaning Fluid from Sticklers Speeds Networks, Reduces Costs by 60%

(New Britain, CT) At the BICSI Winter Conference at the Tampa Convention Center, Tampa FL from Jan 22-26, the Sticklers™ fiber cleaning team will present a major upgrade to their best-selling Fiber Optic Splice & Connector Cleaner precision cleaning fluid. Using a new and improved dispenser, the cleaning fluid is dispensed more efficiently. This will enable users to get over 650 cleanings from a standard 85ml (3oz) can, an increase of more than 62% with no increase in the product’s price.

The improvement in the dispensing system maintains the advantages of the patented three-way Triton™ actuator but uses an improved ‘metered dose’ valve to deliver the cleaning fluid. This new design more efficiently dispenses precise quantities of cleaning fluid to reduce waste while improving functionality. This improvement increases the number of cleanings in a canister and reduces the cost-per-cleaning.

“One of the biggest innovations in the Sticklers™ product line is the emphasis on speedy ‘wet-dry’ cleaning,” noted Dan Sinclair, Sticklers™ National Sales Manager. “With this new package, users can clean more connector end-faces and fibers for less money, making the Sticklers products even more valuable in the field.”

The Sticklers™ Fiber Optic Splice & Connector Cleaner is a fast-evaporating, static-dissipating cleaning fluid engineered specifically for cleaning before fusion splicing and for cleaning fiber optic connector end-faces. Unlike isopropyl alcohol which attracts water out of the atmosphere and can be easily contaminated, the Sticklers™ cleaning fluid is hermetically-sealed in the canister so it remains factory-pure and always delivers powerful, consistent cleaning. The Sticklers™ cleaning fluid also is nonflammable and not hazardous, making it easy to ship by air with no restrictions. The new package already is included in all versions of the Sticklers™ field installer cleaning kits.

“At BICSI this year, with this upgrade we are going to prove — once and for all, right on the floor of the exhibit hall — that Sticklers™ ‘wet-dry’ cleaning delivers better results and eliminates electrostatic charge on a connector end-face during the wiping process,” Mr. Sinclair added. “The fast evaporating, non-flammable Sticklers™ Fiber Optic Splice & Connector Cleaner Fluid out-performs all other cleaning fluids in the industry.”

The Sticklers™ family of fiber optic cleaning products is the industry’s most complete set of cleaning tools. They are engineered to meet diverse industry needs ranging from the cleaning of individual connectors and patch cords, to cleaning massive outside plant installations, to cleaning enterprise and private network systems.