How should ProSpray be used?

For surface disinfection as a “one-step” cleaner/disinfectant for surfaces that are not visibly soiled: Spray or squirt ProSpray onto surfaces or apply using paper towels or 4 X 4 gauze. Allow surfaces to stay wet for five minutes.

For surface disinfection on surfaces with visible blood and soils: Use the 2 step method. Clean surfaces by spraying or squirting ProSpray onto surfaces or paper towels or 4 X 4 gauze. Wipe to remove soils. Discard used wipe material. Reapply ProSpray to surfaces and keep wet for a total of five minutes.

For instrument holding and cleaning solution: Check instrument manufacturer’s instructions. Fill pan or ultrasonic tank with sufficient ProSpray to cover instruments. Soak for 5 minutes. Avoid prolonged soaking over one hour.