What's a TriggerGrip™ and How Does It Help Me?

The TriggerGrip™ cleaning system is an inexpensive tool that is used to clean printed circuit boards at the benchtop. Based on decades of satisfied customers, MicroCare can justifiably claim this is the single best way to clean PCBs during rework and repair. It helps companies get their boards cleaner, faster, more safely and at lower cost than any other method or product.

The TriggerGrip™ tool includes four parts: the TriggerGrip™ dispenser, the Bench Mounting Kit, an aerosol can of your favorite cleaning solvent, and a brush or two that fits on to the TriggerGrip™.

The big advantage of the TriggerGrip™ is that the normal cleaning power of the solvent is amplified by the mechanical scrubbing action of the brush. The system also makes it easy to rinse contamination off the PCB and, as we like to say at MicroCare, if you can't rinse, you can't clean. It's that simple.

This web site contains dozens of FAQs, videos and white papers that document the savings and process improvements available from using the TriggerGrip™ tool.  Check out the related FAQs and other links, below:  

The TriggerGrip™ cleaning system connects to a MicroCare aerosol can and delivers fast, better and safer benchtop cleaning