Which Precision Cleaning Fluid Is the Strongest?

In general, cleaning strength is measured by the Kauri-Butanol rating (Kb Value) of the solvent. Higher Kb values generally correlate with stronger, more aggressive cleaning. Higher Kb values also may be associated with materials compatibility issues. A high Kb value solvent, for example, might craze soft polycarbonate plastics. The trade off is to balance a milder solvent with longer cleaning cycles.

MicroCare offers a large family of cleaning fluids with a variety of Kb values, which enables engineers to fine-tune their cleaning process. In general, the strongest cleaners are Tergo Metal Cleaning FluidChemours SF79 Specialty fluid, and Vertrel SDG Degreaser. In aerosol packages, the Heavy-Duty Flux Remover — SuprClean™ and the Lead-Free Flux Remover — PowerClean™ probably are the two strongest, most popular choices.

Tergo canisters