Why is ProEZ 1 more effective than non-enzymatic detergents?

Detergents work by reducing surface tension, allowing water and friction to remove soils. Detergents without enzymes must have direct friction with scrubbing. This requires more effort to remove soil.

WITH enzymes, ProEZ 1 works during soaking with “chemical scissors”, cutting long chains of blood proteins and other soils. It is a valuable tool for cleaning small rough surfaces or tubing by boosting PASSIVE cleaningaction in hidden areas where blood can stick and hide. This reduces scrubbing and improves safety. ProEZ 1 enzymatic detergent also works fast at room temperature. It may be used from 60°F - 90°F (16°C - 32°C) with increased activity at 90°F - 120°F (32°C - 49°C). To avoid fixating soils, do not immerse Items visibly soiled with blood in cleaning solutions over 120°F (49°C).