Case Study #15 — Cleaning Mixed Flux Residues from PCBs

Cleaning flux residue after soldering (fluxes or solder pastes) from different manufacturers can be very tricky, but the Critical Cleaning Lab at MicroCare solves this complex problem. This situation arose when printed circuit boards were produced using a combination of different fluxes and solder pastes. This can be a real challenge because the different fluxes might react to cleaning fluids in different ways, such as producing white residues. New environmental restrictions also played into the cleaning decision, as well as a pesky question involving materials compatibility.

In this real world Case Study, you can see the before-and-after photos when the Tergo TCFCF Chlorine-Free Cleaning Fluid was successfully deployed on multi-component printed circuit boards with multiple flux cleaning challenges. The Tergo fluid works in existing vapor degreasers, with excellent materials compatibility and no ingredients containing free chlorine.

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