How-to: Using the TriggerGrip PCB Cleaning Tool

Using the TriggerGrip PCB Cleaning Tool helps companies save money with BETTER, faster cleaning and with less cleaning fluid waste. Here's a quick summary of the TriggerGrip PCB Cleaning Tool and how to use it properly.  In general, the TriggerGrip tool helps companies save money for the following reasons:

  • Better Cleaning:  The tool is proven to exceed the cleaning results of a 30-foot long aqueous cleaning system
  • Less Landfill Waste: Reduces the quantity of aerosol cans used by about 50%+
  • Reduced Waste: Every can empties completely, reducing costs
  • Faster Cleaning: Saves 15% of the time spent cleaning
  • Safer Cleaning:  Reduced exposures to chemicals and aromas
  • Eliminates Waste: No over-spray or wasted solvent
  • More Cleaning Fluid Options: Allows techs to use newer, better, stronger cleaning fluids than old-style IPA alcohol