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Tech Article
9 Traits of a Good Metal Cleaning Fluid

It is important to choose the best metal cleaning fluid. Today’s demanding product performance requires machined parts adhere to very tight specifications. Parts with complex geometries, awkward shapes, and internal blind holes are now common. While at the same time, customer quality requirements on finished parts remains high.Cleaning these challenging parts can sometimes prove difficult.…

How-To Guide
Cleaning Female MPO Fiber End-Faces

This one-page document is a field-friendly 'how to' document explaining the established best practices for cleaning female MPO end-faces. High-density fiber networks are a crucial bottleneck in many network environments, including data centers. But even as high-density connectivity has become THE enabling technology for the cloud, another ugly problem has reared up: the practical need…

Technical Data Sheet
Alcohol Enhanced Flux Remover - ProClean™ Technical Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
Alcohol Enhanced Flux Remover - ProClean™ - Europe Technical Data Sheet
Download - UK (ENGLISH)