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Technical Data Sheet
Alcohol Enhanced Flux Remover - ProClean™ - Europe Technical Data Sheet
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Technical Data Sheet
Alcohol-Enhanced Flux Remover Presaturated Wipes - ProClean™ Technical Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
Anti-Static Circuit Chiller & Freeze Spray Technical Data Sheet
Case Study #12 - Dewaxing MIM (Metal Injection Molded) Parts

This client manufactures precision metal parts using powdered metal injection molding instead of labor-intensive intricate machining. The parts have intricate geometries and small tolerances that can’t be machined. The company was looking for a way to increase their throughput and find an alternative cleaning fluid to the nPB-based solvent they were currently using. The Tergo…

Tech Article
Analysis Suggests Surprising Results Comparing Total Costs for Cleaning Systems

The cleaning experts at MicroCare completed a highly detailed study comparing the costs of aqueous cleaning to the costs of vapor degreasing cleaning. This study was managed by Mr. Rob Lee, of MicroCare, and incorporates the latest information from industry sources, customer experiences and equipment makers.“In many companies and regions of the world, there is…

Technical Data Sheet
Aqueous Stencil Cleaner Technical Data Sheet