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Effective nPB and TCE Replacement Cleaners

MicroCare offers a variety of good substitutes for nPB (n-Propyl Bromide) and TCE Trichloroethylene).  These high-purity, non-flammable, sustainable vapor degreaser fluids provide superb cleaning on both polar and non-polar soils.These fluids have low viscosity and surface tension. This allows the fluids to permeate tight crevices and wet all the surfaces of the parts. They are also…

Technical Data Sheet
Alcohol Enhanced Flux Remover - ProClean™ - Europe Technical Data Sheet
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Are NSN Numbers Assigned to Sticklers™ Fiber Optic Cleaners?

The Sticklers™ team has many 'National Stock Numbers' (NSN numbers) assigned to the Sticklers™ cleaning products. These are used by the U.S. government and most NATO countries to specify approved products for different tasks, including fiber optic cleaning. You can find these NSN numbers on the product specs, on the web page for each product…

Case Study #18 — Degreasing Metal Engine Valves

The MicroCare Critical Cleaning Lab solves another customer's complex cleaning problemThis customer was a large manufacturer of engines, and needed a better system for degreasing metal engine valves more efficiently. The parts were soiled with cutting oils. The current alkaline cleaner was too slow, too maintenance intensive and too expensive, and it wasn't getting the…

Tech Article
Best Practices for Cleaning MIL DTL 38999 Connectors

This presentation explains the special circumstances of military (hardened) fiber optic connectors and suggests specific tools and procedures for cleaning these devices.

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Electronics Flux Remover eGuide

Perfectly clean PCBs are critical to the reliability and function of the products you produce every day. Whether its for the automotive, military, defence or medical products industry, the PCBs inside electronic devices must funtion without fault. Cleaning is a proven way to improve the performance and longevity of PCBs. However, it is important to know which…