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Case Study #12 - Dewaxing MIM (Metal Injection Molded) Parts

This client manufactures precision metal parts using powdered metal injection molding instead of labor-intensive intricate machining. The parts have intricate geometries and small tolerances that can’t be machined. The company was looking for a way to increase their throughput and find an alternative cleaning fluid to the nPB-based solvent they were currently using. The Tergo…

Technical Data Sheet
Absorbent Composite Wipes, Medium Size Technical Data Sheet
Are MicroCare Critical Cleaning Fluids Ozone-Safe?

Yes. All of the MicroCare cleaners are 100% completely ozone-safe. None of the HFC, HFE or HFO cleaning fluids sold by MicroCare contain any ozone-depleting substances.  Here are the details:The Montreal Protocol, the Benchmark in International Co-operationIn the 1980’s a group of experts were tabulating all of the world’s ozone-depleting solvents and classified them into three…

Case Study #14 — Brazed Heat Exchanger Needs Perfect Cleaning

Working with an aerospace customer, this video demonstrates the manner in which the MicroCare Critical Cleaning Lab solved the complex problem of cleaning a brazed heat exchanger and other complex metal assemblies used in aerospace applications. The parts need to be cleaned perfectly, quickly and efficiently. The new vapor degreasing cleaning process is faster, safer,…