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Case Study #14 — Brazed Heat Exchanger Needs Perfect Cleaning

Working with an aerospace customer, this video demonstrates the manner in which the MicroCare Critical Cleaning Lab solved the complex problem of cleaning a brazed heat exchanger and other complex metal assemblies used in aerospace applications. The parts need to be cleaned perfectly, quickly and efficiently. The new vapor degreasing cleaning process is faster, safer,…

Tech Article
Aqueous Cleaning Costs Explored; Report Published

The cleaning experts at MicroCare completed a highly detailed study comparing the costs of aqueous cleaning to the costs of vapor degreasing cleaning. This study was managed by Mr. Rob Lee, of MicroCare, and incorporates the latest information from industry sources, customer experiences and equipment makers.“In many companies and regions of the world, there is…

Technical Data Sheet
Clean Room Wipes, Premium Grade, Large Technical Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
CleanBlast™ HFE-Based Cleaning Fluid Technical Data Sheet
Tech Article
Best Practices for Cleaning MIL DTL 38999 Connectors

This presentation explains the special circumstances of military (hardened) fiber optic connectors and suggests specific tools and procedures for cleaning these devices.

How-To Guide
Effective nPB and TCE Replacement Cleaners

MicroCare offers a variety of good substitutes for nPB (n-Propyl Bromide) and TCE Trichloroethylene).  These high-purity, non-flammable, sustainable vapor degreaser fluids provide superb cleaning on both polar and non-polar soils.These fluids have low viscosity and surface tension. This allows the fluids to permeate tight crevices and wet all the surfaces of the parts. They are also…