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Cleaning Fiber Optic Networks (Part 2 of 3)

Part 2 of this three-part video training series on fiber optic cleaning outlines best practices for cleaning fiber connectors and end faces.

Cleaning Fiber Optic Networks (Part 3 of 3)

Part 3 of this three-part video training series on fiber optic cleaning covers best practices for fusion splicing preparation.

Discover MicroCare

We are the leader in delivering perfectly clean parts and networks. We make cleaning better, faster, safer, and at the lowest cost-per-part cleaned. MicroCare offers the most advanced off-the-shelf and customized products with a distribution network spanning 47 countries. We have all the tools you need to improve safety, increase your productivity, meet compliance standards, and…

Our Chemistries and Expertise Set Us Apart - APEX 2020 Interview

In this short interview, Bill Kushner, MicroCare Global Product Director, speaks at IPC APEX 2020 about how the combination of MicroCare products and our technical expertise help PCB makers get clean, reliable boards while staying environmentally-sensitive and regulatory compliant.Watch the video hereon

Pre-planning for PCB Cleaning Leads to Success

This video shows how pre-planning for PCB cleaning leads to manufacturing success. It explains why you should not leave cleaning choices to the end of your PCB design process. Pre-planning helps you prevent production delays and adhere to your manufacturing  budget. By proactively choosing the right cleaning fluids and cleaning processes before making other design…

Solder Paste and Flux Cleaning Results Revealed

MicroCare worked in partnership with the industry’s leading flux and paste manufacturers to conduct solder paste and flux cleaning trials. When completed, the results were announced at the 2019 IPC APEX Expo. Controlled benchtop and vapor degreaser tests performed in the MicroCare Critical Cleaning Lab determined which specific MicroCare flux removers work best on specific…