MIM 2022 is a Winner for MicroCare

The MicroCare team exhibited and presented technical materials at MIM 2022, an International Conference on Injection Molding of Metals, Ceramics and Carbides, in West Palm beach Florida February 21-23.  A total of 160 visitors, both in-person and virtual attended this year’s technical conference.

MicroCare took the opportunity to highlight Tergo™ Metal Cleaning and Debinding Fluid.  This low-boiling vapor degreasing fluid selectively removes binders from green parts prior to sintering. It is an azeotrope with excellent materials compatibility and maximum stability, easy recycling and consistent debinding performance.

The team also spoke at the conference. Rob Lee, MicroCare Senior Market & Technical Manager presented and overview of Tergo™ MCF and David Ferguson, MicroCare Senior Technical Manager for Precision Cleaners spoke about comparing the overall efficiency of traditional debinding solvents, like nPB, PERC and TCE to halogenated azeotropic mixtures.

Overall, MIM 2022 was a success for MicroCare and we look forward to attending next year’s conference.