Sticklers® Introduces High Volume Fiber Optic Cleaning Kits with Enhanced Static Control Capabilities at OSP Expo 2015

MicroCare Corp. will present its enhanced line of Sticklers® fiber optic cleaning products at the OSP Expo on 2-3 September 2015 in Denver, Colorado.

At this expo the Sticklers® team will be featuring the new Sticklers® High Volume Fiber Optic Cleaning Kits which contain the company’s latest innovation, the Sticklers® CleanClicker® fiber optic connector cleaners.

The Sticklers® High Volume Cleaning Kits contain all the equipment needed to clean thousands of SC, FC, ST, E2000, LC and MU connectors — both unmated and in-bulkhead — all in a handy, rugged and easy-to-find woven bag. Each kit contains two “push-to-clean” CleanClicker® fiber optic connector cleaners along with the necessary cleaning fluids, lint-free wipes and Stickler® CleanStixx™ end-face cleaners. Each kit contains enough materials to clean more than 2,300 connectors. The kits are available in commercial and “Military Ready” versions. Uniquely, even though the kits contain cleaning fluids the kits are not hazardous and can be shipped anywhere in the world by ground, air or sea without restrictions or extra cost.

“One of the biggest innovations in the Sticklers® product line is the emphasis on speedy ‘wet-dry’ cleaning,” noted Dan Sinclair, Sticklers® National Sales Manager. “Wet-dry cleaning eliminates static from the end-faces, resulting in cleaner fiber and trouble-free networks.” All of the products required for wet-dry cleaning are included in the new Sticklers® High Volume Fiber Optic Cleaning Kits.

“We are going to prove, right on the floor of the exhibit hall, that Sticklers® ‘wet-dry’ cleaning eliminates any static-build-up quickly, easily and consistently,” Mr. Sinclair added. “The fast-drying, nonflammable Sticklers® cleaning fluid dissipates the static charge, effortlessly unlocks any particulate on the end-faces, and thereby out-performs all other cleaning products in the industry.”

The OSP Expo is one of the leading forums in North America for telecom professionals. With a focus on improving the installation and maintenance of carrier networks, industry leaders from visit OSP Expo to connect with new vendors and learn about new technologies. All of the Sticklers® fiber cleaning products, the CleanClicker® fiber optic connector cleaners, the various cleaning kits, the unique Sticklers® fiber optic cleaning fluid, the CleanStixx™ fiber cleaning sticks and a variety of high-performance lint-free wipes all will be on display at the Expo.

The Sticklers® family of fiber optic cleaning products is the industry’s most complete set of cleaning tools. They are engineered to meet diverse industry needs ranging from the cleaning of individual connectors and patch cords, to cleaning massive outside plant installations, to cleaning enterprise and private network systems. The Sticklers® team also offers factory support for new product development and expert trouble-shooting for customer problems.