Sticklers™ Offers IPA Replacement Due to IPA Shortages

Sticklers Offers an IPA Replacement for Fiber Optic Cleaning.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, many more people are self-isolating and working from home. The demand for reliable, fast data and networks is reaching an all-time high. Therefore, it’s vital that fiber network connections are clean to allow them operate at optimum levels.

The CDC recommends using cleaners made of at least 70% alcohol to disinfect surfaces. This led to widespread demand for IPA with much of it diverted to the medical arena. As a result, fiber optic network installers are facing a shortage of IPA (isopropyl alcohol) they once used for cleaning their splices and connections. IPA is a rare commodity.

Fortunately, Sticklers offers an excellent alternative to IPA for cleaning fiber optic network connections. The Sticklers Fiber Optic Splice & Connector Cleaner actually cleans better than IPA and is safer to use.

iNEMI, IPC and BICSI and other fiber industry organizations recommend “wet/dry”’ cleaning as the most effective method for cleaning fiber end faces. Water and IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) are traditional choices, but are hard to buy in high purity packaging and difficult to keep clean and uncontaminated during day-to-day operations. Instead, specify a pure optical grade cleaning fluid for best success.

Plus, IPA is flammable, causing a safety risk for storage and transport.

Optical grade IPA replacement cleaning fluids are fast-drying, static-dissipative and sold in hermetically sealed packaging. Fast drying time is especially important for cleaning fiber. It speeds cleaning time and repels moisture away from the cleaning fluid, minimizing contamination. A static-dissipative fluid also helps deflect impurities, especially dust from the surface being cleaned.

Choosing an IPA alternative cleaner that is packaged in a hermetically sealed dispenser not only protects the fluid from pollution, but also serves a practical purpose in that it won’t spill out if the dispenser tips over.

In addition, optical grade cleaning fluids do not contain water. They will not freeze when working in cold, outside plant environments. They are also nonflammable, making them safer to store and non-hazardous for transport in service trucks.