Which Cleaner is Best at Removing Silicones?

This inquiry comes from customers frequently. Just recently, a customer in aviation needed to remove a silicone-based adhesive. Another customer was removing a silicone conformal coating. MicroCare solves these problems with the best-selling No-Clean Flux Remover – VeriClean™ and the VOC-Free Flux Remover – UltraClean™.

Both UltraClean™ and VeriClean™ are based on the chemical “siloxane” which is a chemical “cousin” to silicones. Since “like dissolves like” in the chemical world, siloxanes dissolve silicone glues, inks and coatings quickly and easily. In one case study conducted by a large Texas computer manufacturer, VeriClean™ removed in two minutes a coating which had been taking 45 minutes to remove with more traditional solvents.

Both choices work great, work fast, have almost no smell, dry promptly, and are priced right. Give either of them a try. The longer the solvent sits on the component, the more cleaning it will do.

Special Note: Some companies have a need to swell but not permanently deform silicone tubing. This usually is performed to make it easier to snap together mechanical assemblies. In this application, a silicone swelling fluid based on siloxanes is the optimal choice.

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