VOC-Free Flux Remover - UltraClean™ (3M Novec™ Flux Remover Replacement)

Product Information

UltraClean™ VOC-Free Flux Remover complies with current and long-term regulations


  • A great choice for cleaning no clean and rosin-based fluxes and pastes
  • Cleans oils and grease
  • Also removes silicone and acrylic conformal coatings
  • Excellent replacement for 3M Novec flux removers


  • No residue / no rinsing
  • Strong cleaning strength – test on plastics
  • Kb Value: 56 (est.)
  • Medium drying time
  • Low odor for a better work environment
  • Chemical Family: Siloxanes
  • Flammable (more economical than nonflammable versions)
  • VOC Content – 0 g/L
  • RoHS/WEEE/ REACH/EPA SNAP compliant
  • Formulated in USA

If you live or work in an area with challenging VOC regulations, UltraClean™ VOC Free Flux Remover is the product for you. UltraClean flux remover is made using an innovative siloxane-based formula to make it more environmentally responsible. It is a strong non-chlorinated, halogen-free PCB cleaner with an excellent environmental profile. It also has an ultra-low global warming impact (GWP). That also includes the propellant in the aerosol package. The aerosol cans are both TriggerGrip™ Cleaning Tool compatible and StatZAP™ ESD Eliminator Tool compatible.

Product Details

Product Image
Part Number Package Weight Size Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
Product Image MCC-VOC10A VOC10A 1611 MCC-VOC10A Aerosol 0.28 kg 0.61 lb. 300 ml 10 oz.
Product Image MCC-VOCG VOCG MCC-VOCG Minipail 2.7 kg 6 lbs. 3.8 L 1 Gallon
Product Image MCC-VOCP VOCP MCC-VOCP Pail 14.5 kg 32 lbs. 19 L 5 Gallons
Product Image MCC-VOCD VOCD MCC-VOCD Drum 150 kg 330 lbs. 208 L 55 Gallons
Package Aerosol Minipail Pail Drum
Weight 0.28 kg 0.61 lb. 2.7 kg 6 lbs. 14.5 kg 32 lbs. 150 kg 330 lbs.
Size 300 ml 10 oz. 3.8 L 1 Gallon 19 L 5 Gallons 208 L 55 Gallons
Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet
Odor Slight, Ether
PEL (ppm, 8-hr TWA) Not Available
Boiling Point 85°C / 187°F
Chemical Family Siloxanes & VOC-Except Cleaners
F-Gas Compliant
Evaporation Rate Medium
Cleaning Strength (Kb) 56
Active Ingredients Siloxanes
Flashpoint 3°C / 37°F
Global Warming Rating (100yr) <1
VOC Organic Content (g/L) Zero
Ozone Impact Zero
REACH & ELINCS Compliant
RoHS & WEEE Compliant
Safety Rating Flammable
Specific Gravity .85
Surface Tension Not Available
Vapor Density >1.0
Viscosity Not Available
Vapor Pressure @ 20ºC 5.95