Which MicroCare Cleaners Can Be Used in Japan?

MicroCare offers an enormous array of different cleaning chemistries, tailored to different applications. Meanwhile, Japan has stringent new rules about the importation of global warming substances, trying to prevent rising ocean levels, so not every MicroCare product is acceptable in that country. Your best choices are the low-GWP products from MicroCare. These include: Polar Flux Remover (#MCC-PFR10A), the VOC-Free Flux Remover - UltraClean™ (#MCC-VOC107), the No-Clean Flux Remover - VeriClean™ (#MCC-DC1107) and the Alcohol-Enhanced Flux Remover - ProClean™ (#MCC-PRO107).  For a nonflammable option, the Universal Flux Remover (#MCC-UFR10A) is currently the only choice.

MicroCare is continuing to advance the boundaries of chemical engineering and solvent technology by pushing to find mixtures that will offer nonflammable cleaning options as well. For details are these products evolve contact MicroCare directly.