Why can Sterile Processing Managers convert to MicroCare Medical SCD super concentrates with confidence?

The MicroCare Medical SCD line is validated using objective test methods and realistic test conditions including a used medical washer and a wide range of water conditions and hardness. Every MicroCare Medical SCD product is benchmarked against industry leaders to assure equal, or in most cases, superior performance at super concentrated dosing levels.

Testing follows performance standards from ASTM D8179 (Standard Guide for Characterizing Detergents for the Cleaning of Clinically-Used Medical Devices), standardized test soils and test coupons including ASTM D7225 (Standard Guide for Blood Cleaning Efficiency of Detergents and Washer-Disinfectors - TOSI®).

Results from extensive and objective testing give healthcare facilities a higher level of assurance that MicroCare SCD detergents are validated for effective cleaning action while enhancing performance of all brands of medicalwasher equipment.