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Are NSN Numbers Assigned to Sticklers™ Fiber Optic Cleaners?

The Sticklers™ team has many 'National Stock Numbers' (NSN numbers) assigned to the Sticklers™ cleaning products. These are used by the U.S. government and most NATO countries to specify approved products for different tasks, including fiber optic cleaning. You can find these NSN numbers on the product specs, on the web page for each product…

Fiber Optic Cleaning Fluid — Does Sticklers™ Have a Larger, More Economical Package?

For years, the popular Sticklers™ fiber optic cleaning fluid was only packaged in a 3 ounce / 85 mL miniature pump spray. Now that has been expanded to a jumbo-sized, 10 oz./284 g pump spray. Both pump sprays are terrific packages:The small bottle contains more than 650 cleanings — that’s a LOT of connectors — and the big…

How Does Dust Cause Signal Loss Between Mated Connector Pairs?

Dust particles that are not removed will interfere with the signal’s path as the light passes between the two mated fibers. The light from the outgoing ferrule could be absorbed (“insertion loss”) or reflected back into the fiber (“back reflection”) as the signal comes into contact with dust particles. There are also times when the…

How to Clean FTTA Networks Fiber Connectors?

The world is going mobile, and that means FTTA networks with high-bandwidth connectivity are required to service all the cell phones and tablets with “anywhere, everywhere, every time” service. This demand is overloading the old-style cellular networks that used copper connectivity to the local radio antennas. As a result,I’ve been getting a lot of questions…

My Fiber Cleaning Tools Have Static Charges. Should I Be Worried?

The issue of static charges on fiber tools is interesting. Static on fiber cleaning products are only an issue if the work environment involves the manufacture of electronics. This is because many electronics manufacturers have an ESD control program that restricts materials at the workbench. The maximum allowed on the workbench is a static charge…

Saving Money — Can I Re-Use My Cleaning Wipes?

It’s laudable to try to control costs and protect the environment, but re-using lint-free wipes is a false economy. In fact, it creates a network nightmare because everything becomes cross-contaminated. You can’t clean with a dirty wipe.Let’s suppose a company provides a large, high-quality 9×9 inch (23x23cm) wipe for their techs. That wipe becomes contaminated when a…