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How Can I Cost-Justify the Trigger Grip System?

It’s a funny thing — MicroCare’s biggest competitor is not some other aerosol company. Our biggest competition is cheap alcohol in a small bottle. “Dip-and-brush” cleaning is cheap to buy, but more expensive to use. In our opinion, dip-and-brush cleaning at the benchtop is an expensive way to get poor results.Remember that alcohol is hygroscopic, which…

How Do I Use the TriggerGrip™ System?

Companies around the globe have selected the TriggerGrip™ cleaning system for their benchtop cleaning. Here are the simple steps that will produce great results when cleaning with a TriggerGrip™ system:Wet. First, hold the PCB at a slight angle, supporting it on a workbench or tabletop. Position the area to be cleaned on the lowest side. Spray a…

What's the Best Way to Clean PCBs at the Benchtop?

Almost everybody uses the dip-and-brush method to clean circuit boards during rework and repair. But this process doesn’t work very well.Other companies suggest you should use high-pressure aerosols and blast the contamination off the board. Which will work fine, if you don’t mind buying lots of aerosol cans.At MicroCare, we think the best way to clean PCBs…

How Can I Ensure My People Are Handling Chemicals Properly?

We suggest deploying the TriggerGrip™ system for all your techs doing PCB cleaning. The whole point of the TriggerGrip™ system is to use the solvent properly — that is, to produce cleaner PCBs faster, more safely, with less solvent. This immediately translates into a cost saving: with the TriggerGrip™ system you buy fewer cans of solvent.Once you have…

How Long Will A TriggerGrip™ Last?

Fundamentally, you are asking about the value of the TriggerGrip™ system: will each tool last long enough to save me the money I spend to buy it? That’s a great question. And you’ll be pleased to know the TriggerGrip™ system will meet your expectations.Each rugged, static-safe TriggerGrip™ dispenser (#MCC-ESD) should last years in normal use. A minimum…

How Do I Clean Fiber Optic Components on PCB Circuit Cards?

Using a fiber smaller than human hair, digital fiber optic networks have transformed our world. Today’s highly mobile world, with email anywhere, video on-demand and endless streaming video all is a direct result of powerful, reliable fiber optic networks. But amazingly, the signal carried by the fiber is astoundingly fragile. So cleaning connectors and end-faces…