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Are MicroCare Products Approved for Use in Clean Rooms?

Clean room solvents and cleaning fluids are often required to meet clean room standards. As for using MicroCare fluids in a clean room, it depends on the “class” or cleanliness standard of the clean room. There is no problem with the purity of the liquid; it’s fine. It’s the packaging that determines the use.A Class…

Where are Stereze Workspace Cleaners Used?

Stereze™ Workspace Cleaners are ideal for use in public shared spaces. They are used in conference rooms, classrooms, breakrooms, lobbies, etc. Stereze Workspace Cleaners are safe to use on a variety of metals and plastics including tables, desks, countertops, door knobs, faucet handles, tools, machinery, keyboards and mobile phones.

How are Stereze Wipes Different from Others on the Market?

Stereze™ Workspace Cleaner Wipes are premium, multi-purpose wipes that are designed to last. They are thicker, softer and stronger than others that you buy, let's say at the grocery store. They are tear-resistant and stand up to rigorous scrubbing, even on rough surfaces. They come in tight sealing containers to keep the wipes wet and ready for…

What Can I Use to Clean Computer Keyboards, Cabinets and Housings?

There are many different types of contamination which need to be removed simultaneously. First, we have to get dry contamination out from hard-to-reach areas, like dust and lint from deep inside your keyboard. Secondly, we have to remove oily fingerprints, tape residues and grime from the housings and cabinetry. As you might expect, there are…

What Cleaner Can I use for Removing Marking Inks, Sharpie Inks and Pen Ink?

Inks are very tough to remove. The best place to start is to determine the type of ink. There are generally three types of inks commonly used: alcohol-based, solvent-based and soy-based. The best all-round ink remover used to be the ketone solvents, but their nasty aromas and questionable toxicity have forced most companies to phase…

Are Stereze Workspace Cleaners Disinfectants?

Stereze™ Workspace Cleaners are not registered with the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) or FDA (Federal Drug Aministration) as disinfectants. However, they are considered an "alternate disinfectant" as defined by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). According to the CDC, if an EPA registered disinfectant isn't available, an alternate disifectant can be used instead. An "alternate…