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Can I Use “Reagent Grade” High Purity IPA to Clean My Fiber?

Some companies buy the purest IPA they can get, which is called “reagent grade” IPA. They use this to try to solve the fiber cleaning problem.But I believe that the purchase of 99.9% “reagent grade IPA” is a waste of money and effort. Here’s the ‘little secret’ about reagent-grade IPA: since it is the most…

Can't Use IPA — So What Else Is There? What Can I Use to Clean My Fiber Networks?

Fiber optics need fast, consistent and reliable cleaning for optimal operation. The selection of a cleaning fluid is a complex trade-off of many attributes: cost, storage, handling, purity, actual cleaning ability, drying time and worker safety to name a few. Modern, nonflammable fluids are the best choice to ensure a clean surface that is optimized…

Swabs or Clickers — Which Is Better, and When?

One of the most common questions we get is asking for guidance upon when to use a mechanical clicker and when should a tech should use a stick to clean. That’s a great question.Here’s the short answer: clickers get you fast cleaning, but sticks get you better cleaning. Which is the right choice? It depends.The thing about click-to-clean tools is they’re…

Cleaning Both Ends of a Fiber Connection — Do I Really Have To?

We often get this question. “What happens,” people ask us, “if there are dust particles on one of the connector end faces during the connector mating process? Can I save some time and just clean one side?”The short answer is, NO, you’re not going to save any time because the odds are you’ll be back…

Cleaning Jumpers and Exposed End-faces — What’s the Best Way?

The fiber end-face should be inspected with a fiberscope of at least 80-200x magnification, and if it is contaminated, it should be cleaned using wet-dry cleaning.With the wet-dry cleaning method, an optical quality cleaning cloth and fluid are used. When using this method, dampen the cleaning cloth with the Sticklers® Fiber Optic Splice and Connector Cleaner Fluid (#MCC-POC03M) and…

Should I Clean Patch Cables — Especially New Ones Right Out of the Bag?

Everybody asks, how to clean patch cables, also called patch cords or jumpers. But what they really are asking is, do I need to clean them, when they’re new and right out of the bag? The answer is yes, you do. Here’s why:There are three “P”s to perfect fiber connectivity:Perfect core alignmentPerfect physical contact (no…