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Can't Use IPA — So What Else Is There? What Can I Use to Clean My Fiber Networks?

Fiber optics need fast, consistent and reliable cleaning for optimal operation. The selection of a cleaning fluid is a complex trade-off of many attributes: cost, storage, handling, purity, actual cleaning ability, drying time and worker safety to name a few. Modern, nonflammable fluids are the best choice to ensure a clean surface that is optimized…

What is the Best Practice for Cleaning Beyond the Core Region for Male Jumpers?

The wet to dry cleaning method typically works best for cleaning past the core region on male jumpers.You’ll need the following tools:A good-quality, non-linting wipe such as the Sticklers™ 640 Lint-Free CleanWipes or the Sticklers™ 600 Portable CleanWipes.A nonflammable cleaning fluid engineered specifically for cleaning fiber optic connecters such as the Stickers™ Fiber Optic Splice…

What Are Best Practices for Cleaning MIL DTL 38999 Fiber Optic Connectors?

To get the best cleaning results, here are a few tips for cleaning MIL DTL 38999 fiber optic end faces.Use the wet-to-dry cleaning method using MicroCare Fiber Optic Spice & Connector Cleaning Fluid and 1.6mm CleanStixx™ cleaning sticksMoisten the stick, taking care not to oversaturateInsert the stick into the connector and rotate the stick 6-8…

Are Water Based End Face Cleaners Suitable for Fiber Optics?

The short answer is no. Water based end face cleaners are generally unsuitable for fiber optics. These products tend to be weaker cleaners and have high surface tension and low viscosity, which minimizes their effectiveness. Water based end fiber optic cleaners usually will not dissipate any static which locks particulate on to end faces. In cold…

Is “Axial Rotation” Helpful When Using Fiber Cleaning Swabs?

This question was in an email from a customer in Australia. They wrote that a competing fibre connector cleaning stick stated that their cleaners DO NOT use an “axial rotation” cleaning action. They claim axial rotation is a negative in the telecoms industry, and recommend rather a gentle sweeping type of cleaning action. Is this…

Why Do I Need To Clean My Fiber Optic Connectors Before Mating?

It is critical to clean both ends of the connector pair to get optimal network performance. Contamination that is not removed will cause unnecessary signal loss (and that's the best case scenario) and can even cause permanent damage the surface of both connector end faces (pretty much worst case). The industry standards — IEC 61300-3-35,…