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Technical Data Sheet
1.25mm CleanClickerâ„¢ 750 Fiber Optic Connector Cleaner Technical Data Sheet
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After Cleaning a PCB, How Do I Measure Cleaning Results?

There are four ways to check for PCB cleanliness:The first is a simple visual inspection – if there are no visible flux materials and no white residues, most people just call it “clean enough.” Not very sophisticated, but it works.A less precise but faster measurement of cleanliness is ionograph testing. This also is called “ROSE”…

Case Study
Chinese Company Switches to Better Stencil Cleaning, Saves Money

Automated stencil printing is the heart of modern SMT production. The typical SMT line runs at 90-95% yield because the stencil printer is an incredibly challenging process to manage. Industry experts estimate that there are over three dozen different stencil printing parameters or variables that must be controlled. The whole system is so complex —…

Acid Acceptance Testing with nPB-Based Solvents

Acid acceptance testing is an important maintenance function for companies using nPB in their vapor degreaser. nPB-based solvents can turn acid if  you don’t regularly monitor the acid  level of the solvent; sometimes this can get really nasty. A vapor degreaser that has “gone acid” will actually eat away the internal surfaces of the machine.…