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Cleaning OptiTap FTTH Connectors — Best Practices

The CleanClicker™ 2.5 tool is highly effective on OptiTap connectors. The tool allows field techs to clean quickly and with a single activation of the cleaning tool. Many other devices require 3-4 activations to produce a clean end-face (8-10 per Optitap connection because of the need to clean both sides). This means a 500-click cleaning tool…

How-To Guide
Dealing with the Effects of Static on Fiber End-faces

This presentation is based on a webinar about cleaning fiber. It offers a new look at the best practices used to minimize the problems that static can cause on end-faces. Viewed by more than 800 attendees, the presentation explains the puzzling origins of the static on a fiber end-face. It then shows the problems that…

How-To Guide
Cleaning Female MPO Fiber End-Faces

This one-page document is a field-friendly 'how to' document explaining the established best practices for cleaning female MPO end-faces. High-density fiber networks are a crucial bottleneck in many network environments, including data centers. But even as high-density connectivity has become THE enabling technology for the cloud, another ugly problem has reared up: the practical need…

How-To Guide
How To Use: the Sticklers™ Cassette CleanClicker™

With this “how to” video, you can see the best way to use the Sticklers™ Cassette CleanClicker™ Fiber Connector Cleaner. when installing or sustain fiber networks.  The video features some “best practice” tips. This tool is your newest option for faster, better, less expensive fiber cleaning using a simple, low-cost, high-quality cassette cleaner. (Music but no audio)

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Fiber to the Antenna FTTA Cleaning Procedures

The world is mobile, and that means high-bandwidth connectivity to cell phones and tablets, anywhere, everywhere, every time. This demand is overloading the old-style cellular networks that used copper connectivity to the local radio antennas. As a result, companies around the globe are deploying fiber right up the towers and directly to the antennas. For the…

How-To Guide
Fiber to the Home FTTH Cleaning Tools

For the best results in large and complex FTTH installations, it is essential that the end-faces be perfectly clean. This brief powerpoint suggests the products that work best in the FTTH environment and will keep networks running fast and reliably, at the lowest possible cost.