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Using Fluids Other Than Alcohol for Cleaning Fiber Optic Connectors

Since the 1970s, fiber optic providers have been working to find suitable ways to quickly, conveniently and consistently clean the delicate fiber optic connectors. They found very early on that even the slightest contamination on the end-faces significantly degraded the performance of their networks. Fiber engineers in the 1970s and 1980s recommended using reagent grade…

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Comparison of Nonflammable Fiber Optic Cleaning Fluid with IPA Alcohol

This one page technical note lists the many differences between ordinary rubbing alcohol which is often used to clean fiber optic end-faces and a proper, engineered, fast-drying cleaning fluid.

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Best Practices for Cleaning MIL DTL 38999 Connectors

This presentation explains the special circumstances of military (hardened) fiber optic connectors and suggests specific tools and procedures for cleaning these devices.

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Clean & Inspect: What IEC 61300-3-35 Means to You

Improperly cleaned fiber end faces have operational and financial implications, but can be avoided.Every cable assembly manufacturer strives to produce pristine ferrule end faces with zero defects. In the real world, this lofty goal is impossible to achieve. Even the best cable assembly manufacturers have an occasional scratch or pit on the ferrule end face.…

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Best Practices for Cleaning ODC Connectors

This brief powerpoint highlights the best tools and techniques for cleaning fiber to the antenna installations, particularly using AARC, ODC and RDC connectors. The document also explains the sources of contamination and suggests specific cleaning tools for the task.

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Recommended Best Practices for Cleaning Fiber Optic Connectors

Here are some best practices for cleaning fiber optic connectors.With the increase in network data rates, it it is increasingly important to ensure that all fiber optic connectors are cleaned before mating. This means that both sides of a connector are inspected and cleaned before making the connection. This applies to test equipment and test…