ProEZ AW Quad™ Concentrated Quadruple Enzyme Automatic Washer Detergent

Product Information

Versatile concentrated multi-enzymatic detergent for cleaning surgical instruments and devices


  • Suitable for cleaning medical, dental and veterinary instruments and devices
  • Presoak and manual sink cleaning
  • Ultrasonic instrument cleaning devices
  • Manual endoscope cleaning and automated cleaning cycles of AERs
  • Clean exterior surfaces of transducers and ultrasound wands
  • Flush and clean dental unit evacuation lines and surgical suction systems
  • Automated washers in enzyme and main wash cycles
  • Instruments and devices with heavy bioburden including orthopedic, cardiac, neuro-spinal and gastrointestinal cases


  • Powerful cleaning – special surfactants and four soil specific enzymes quickly dissolves the entire range of surgical soils:  proteins and dried blood, fats, starches and fiber
  • Increased productivity – the ProEZ AW Quad enzyme team creates passive cleaning action during soaking and sonication, reducing subsequent time and effort for manual scrubbing
  • Instrument preservation – non-corrosive, neutral pH with tested, validated material compatibility including aluminum and gold
  • No foam formula - enhances safety and visualization during manual cleaning and promotes optimal washer spin impingement
  • Standardize detergent supply across multiple departments and streamline supply chain – versatile ProEZ AW Quad detergent is effective for manual sinks and soak, endoscopy, ultrasonic cleaning devices, surgical suction systems and automated cleaning equipment
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Product Details

Product Image
Part Number Package Weight Size Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
Product Image PREZAW128-1 1 PREZAW128-1 Plastic Gallon with Pump 3.8 L 1 Gallon
Product Image PREZAW050-1 1 PREZAW050-1 Plastic Drum 19 L 5 Gallons
Product Image PREZAWNP128-1 1 PREZAWNP128-1 Plastic Gallon without Pump 3.8 L 1 Gallon
Part Number PREZAW128-1 PREZAW050-1 PREZAWNP128-1
Package Plastic Gallon with Pump Plastic Drum Plastic Gallon without Pump
Size 3.8 L 1 Gallon 19 L 5 Gallons 3.8 L 1 Gallon
Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet
Dilution Ratios 1/2 oz. to 1 oz. per gallon.
pH Neutral.
Temperature of Use Effective at room temperature 68°F (20°C), but use of product with warmer water 90° - 110°F (32° - 43°C) will optimize the performance of the enzymes.
Odor Fresh.
Color Blue to Green
Shelf Life 2 years from date of manufacture.

Safety Data Sheet


Technical Data Sheet