Wipes, Static-Safe, Clean Room Grade, 9 x 9

Product Information

These static-safe clean room wipes dissipate static even when dry


  • Clean room compatible
  • Use on surfaces, tools, instruments
  • Clean and dry printed circuit boards and other electronics


  • Carbon fibers knitted into the fabric dissipate static even when dry
  • Excellent quality
  • Large size
  • Smooth, white wipes
  • Heavier-weigh fabric picks up more contamination for faster cleaning
  • Pre-washed to reduce linting
  • Heat-sealed edges for less lint
  • Packaged in a clean room, in ESD-safe bags
  • Double-bagged for Class 10 clean rooms
  • 9" x 9" (23 x 23 cm)

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Product Details

Product Image
Part Number Package Weight Size Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
Product Image MCC-W99CY W99CY MCC-W99CY 150 Sheets/Bag 23 x 23 cm 9 x 9 in.
Part Number MCC-W99CY
Package 150 Sheets/Bag
Size 23 x 23 cm 9 x 9 in.
Technical Data Sheet
Safety Rating NA
Absorbancy 440 mL/m2
Basis Weight 3.4 Oz.
Color White
Edges Cut, and the heat sealed
Material Knitted Polyester; no cellulose or glues
Packaging Note Class 10 Clean Room Packaged; 150 Sheets/Bag, 5 Bags/Case
Particulate 3.8
Surface/Texture Smooth