MicroCare Offers IPA Alternative Cleaners

Author: Sheri Pear, MicroCare Communications Specialist

MicroCare Has Better, Safer IPA Alternative Cleaners

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, IPA for electronics cleaning is in very short supply.  Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) alternative cleaners are in high demand.  It is becoming a are commodity since since everyone from the medical industry to electronics manufacturers is using IPA for cleaning. Many electronics manufacturers are experiencing IPA shortages. Fortunately, MicroCare offers excellent IPA alternatives for cleaning electronics and printed circuit boards. Many of the IPA substitute cleaners are safer to use than IPA. Some of the IPA replacements include:

Flux Removers - Unlike IPA, all IPA substitutes are nonflammable for added worker safety

  • General Purpose Flux Remover is excellent at cleaning rosin and no-clean flux residue.  There are versions to meet North American, Asian and European environmental regulations. It is a good substitute for IPA when cleaning electronics.
  • Universal Flux Remover removes grease, oil, fingerprints and fluxes. It comes in formulas for compliance with  North American, Asian and European environmental regulations. It is an excellent IPA replacement cleaner for electronics.
  • SuprClean Heavy Duty Flux Remover is ideal for  removing high-temp RA and RMA fluxes as well as  acrylic conformal coatings. It is available in  formulations to meet North American, Asian and European environmental regulations. It makes an ideal cleaning Replacement for IPA.

ESD Cleaning Wipes clean and protect static sensitive surfaces. MicroCare Aqueous Stencil Cleaner removes all kinds of  chip bonders, solder pastes  and adhesives. ScreenClean Stencil Cleaner cleans ink without harming emulsions or screens. MicroCare Reflow Oven Cleaner  quickly removes baked-on flux residue inside reflow ovens. It is a safe, nonflammable isopropyl alcohol replacement. No-Clean Flux Remover Cleaning Pen is a handy tool for pinpoint cleaning PCBs.