MD&M West Provides New Opportunities Times Two

The February 2020 Medical Device & Manufacturing (MD&M) West show in Anaheim, CA was a very busy and successful show. MicroCare hosted two booths at the show – one featuring MicroCare electronics cleaning products and a second booth highlighting the MicroCare Medical line of carrier fluids, coatings and lubricants.

The MD&M West expo is a big show with a global presence. It completely fills the 800,00 square feet (approx. 81,000 sq. meters) of exhibit space available at the Anaheim Convention Center. Traffic was heavy and we had the chance to meet with many of our existing customers from around the globe including the USA, Canada, Mexico, Latin America and Asia. There were also many interesting opportunities to work with new clients.

The first booth was in the Electronics Pavilion manned by Dan Sinclair, Ernesto Pollano and Keith Sanducci. Electronics are a vital component in today’s modern medical devices and the proper cleaning of PCBs leads to better performance from these demanding electronic designs. At this venue, MicroCare showcased products for PCB cleaning. There was heavy interest in our contact cleaners, ESD Presaturated Wipes, Degreasers and Clean Room Wipes. A number of visitors also inquired about the Sticklers™ line of fiber optic cleaning fluids and tools.

The other booth was in the medical device pavilion. There we featured the Opteon™ SF80 precision cleaning fluid, carrier fluids and Duraglide™ dry-film lubricants. David Ferguson, Don Phifer and Tom Tattersall highlighted the benefits of the cleaners to prospective new users who were not aware of the capabilities of modern cleaning fluids.

Having the two separate booths allowed MicroCare to deliver targeted information and products to each type of customer, whether it was electronics or medical, but then to also make referrals to our alternate booth and products when they inquired about those products too.

Overall MD&M West was a good opportunity to connect with electronic and medical device manufacturers and discuss how to help them with their variety of cleaning applications.