MicroCare™ XE Carrier Fluid and Degreaser

Product Information

MicroCare XE Carrier Fluid and Degreaser has good solvency of mineral oils and other hydrocarbons


  • Light-duty cleaning and rinsing
  • Removal of particulate and light soils from metal, ceramic, plastic and glass parts


  • Gentle cleaning with extraordinary materials compatibility
  • Nonflammable for maximum safety
  • Ethanol used for polarity instead of IPA or methanol, for regulatory compliance
  • A versatile fluid miscible with many common lubricants
  • Maintenance free – eliminates the need for acid acceptance testing and scavengers
  • Specifically engineered for fast, consistent and economical cleaning in vapor degreasers
  • Drop-in replacement – requires minor or no modifications to existing vapor degreasers
  • With a low surface tension, low viscosity and high density, it cleans great inside tight, complex spaces
  • Almost no aroma for happier workers
  • Requires no surfactants and unlike aqueous cleaning, removes extra washing steps to get residue-free parts
  • Hostile to pyrogens
  • Thermally and chemically stable for long fluid life
  • Very good toxicity rating for worker and environmental safety
  • Recyclable inside a vapor degreaser – reduces cost of ownership and environmental footprint
  • Not a HAP (Hazardous Air Pollutant)

MicroCare XE Carrier Fluid and Rinse is a proprietary, nonflammable azeotropic fluid mixed with ethanol. Uses Ethanol over IPA or methanol for polarity, regulatory compliance and worker safety.

Product Details

Product Image
Part Number Package Weight Size Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
Product Image MCC-XEGL XEGL MCC-XEGL Glass (Sample Only) 1.36 k 3 lbs. 1 Liter 1 quart
Product Image MCC-XEGG XEGG MCC-XEGG Glass 4.5 k 10 lbs. 3.9 Liters 1 Gallon
Product Image MCC-XEG XEG MCC-XEG Metal 4.5 k 10 lbs. 3.9 Liters 1 Gallon
Product Image MCC-XEP XEP MCC-XEP Pail 25 k 55 lbs. 19 Liters 5 Gallon
Product Image MCC-XED XED MCC-XED Drum 272 k 600 lbs. 200 Liters 55 Gallon
Package Glass (Sample Only) Glass Metal Pail Drum
Weight 1.36 k 3 lbs. 4.5 k 10 lbs. 4.5 k 10 lbs. 25 k 55 lbs. 272 k 600 lbs.
Size 1 Liter 1 quart 3.9 Liters 1 Gallon 3.9 Liters 1 Gallon 19 Liters 5 Gallon 200 Liters 55 Gallon
Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet
Appearance Clear, Colorless Liquid
Odor Very Slight
PEL (ppm, 8-hr TWA) 200
Boiling Point 52˚C / 126˚F
Chemical Family HFC
Evaporation Rate Fast
Cleaning Strength (Kb) 20
Active Ingredients HFC Solvent
Flashpoint None, Nonflammable
Global Warming Rating (100yr) 1248
VOC Organic Content (g/L) 61
Ozone Impact Zero
Safety Rating Non-flammable
Specific Gravity 1.52
Surface Tension 14.1
Viscosity 0.72