MicroCare Technical Expertise Shines at SMTA Silicon Valley Expo

The SMTA Silicon Valley Expo and Tech Forum in California provided the perfect forum for the MicroCare team to share solutions and expertise on PCB performance and longevity.

Held at Bestronics in San Jose, the theme of the forum was “Building Reliability into Your Electronics”. There were many vendors displaying including MicroCare distributors EIS, Stellar Technical Products, Techni-Tool, and Krayden.

The MicroCare team, including Keith Sanducci and Bill Kushner, spoke with expo attendees about the technical services that MicroCare offers. This includes the flux and solder paste test cleaning reports conducted by MicroCare. The MicroCare Critical Cleaning Lab tested numerous fluxes and pasted for AIM, Indium, Koki and many others to pre-determine the best MicroCare cleaning fluids to use for optimal cleaning results.

In addition, the team highlighted our Critical Cleaning Lab services. Some attendees were surprised to learn that MicroCare offers lab services to test clean companies’ parts and contamination to determine the correct cleaning fluid and cleaning method to use.

The MicroCare team of experts was able to answer numerous questions from attendees on how to manage a number of cleaning requirements including how to best remove aged fluxes and how to clean white no-clean flux residue.

There was interest in MicroCare cleaning products including the TriggerGrip™ Cleaning Tool, Flux Remover Pens and the TidyPen™ for adhesive label removal.

There were 5 forum presentations throughout the day from companies within the electronics industry including TechSearch International, ANSYS, Weller Corporation, Aqueous Technologies and MicroCare Corporation.

John Hoffman, MicroCare Technical Consultant, delivered his presentation “Reliability of Critical Cleaning and Best Practices in Electronics”. Many filled the room to get John’s guidance on the best tools and fluids to use for electronics cleaning using both benchtop and vapor degreaser methods.