Sticklers Experts Discuss Fiber Cleaning at BICSI Winter 2019

The 2019 BICSI Winter exhibition in Orlando, FL has just concluded.  The BICSI Winter expo is the first big show of the year for the fiber optics industry, and the Sticklers team had solid presence at the show. The Sticklers booth was large, bright and well-equipped to showcase a variety of datacom cleaning applications. A video on the left-side of the booth explained the Sticklers™ products and demonstrated their uses. It was the perfect setting for face-to-face discussions on the latest fiber cleaning techniques.

The Sticklers brand is respected and well-known within the industry. Both the products and the Sticklers team are held in high regard and many people visited the booth to speak with our cleaning specialists and hear their fiber optic cleaning advice. Manning the booth were Jay Tourigny, MicroCare Senior Vice President, Bill Kushner, Global Product Manager, Rick Hoffman, National Sales Manager, Sticklers and Brian Teague, Product Line Manager, Sticklers.

In addition to having a large, bright booth, Sticklers products also were used in the “Cabling Skills Challenge” — a competition in which skilled technicians and installers from around the world match their skills in “real world” tests of fiber installation techniques. The Sticklers products were used for cleaning fiber end-faces, splicing procedures, and all of the other cleaning procedures contenders face. It was a very exciting event and showcased the Sticklers products to the people who actually use them.

“There was a big interest in our fiber cleaning kits for Fiber-To-The Antenna (FTTA) and Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) networks,” reported Rick Hoffman, National Sales Manager, Sticklers. “Our cleaning and inspection kits are very convenient for in-the-field technicians and provide the best value.”

There also was plenty of interest in the Adhesive and Gel Remover Pen that quickly and easily removes adhesive labels from cables and the CleanClicker™ Fiber Optic End Face Cleaners.