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Fiber End Face Cleaning: 3 Best Practices
July 07, 2022

1. Use tools and fluids engineered specifically for cleaning fiber optics. This includes fiber cleaning tools like clicker tools and cleaning sticks. Also, use a specialty fiber optic cleaning fluid instead of IPA (ispropyl alcohol). Unlike alcohol the cleaning fluid, cleans effectively, evaporates quickly and stays clean inside hermetically sealed cans. 

2. Use the wet-dry cleaning method to remove contamination and dissipate static build-up on the end face. Dampen a section of a lint-free cleaning wipe with a static-dissipative cleaning fluid. Then wipe the end-face, starting at the damp area. Move in one direction towards the dry area of the cleaning wipe. 

3. Educate yourself on the latest cleaning techniques. You can choose to go the "on-the-job training" route or you can opt for a fiber optic cleaning training class. There are specialized companies out there offering both remote online or in-person class room instruction. They can teach you the proper techniques to use to get perfectly clean end face connectors every time.