How are Stereze Wipes Different from Others on the Market?

Stereze™ Workspace Cleaner Wipes are premium, multi-purpose wipes that are designed to last. They are thicker, softer and stronger than others that you buy, let's say at the grocery store. They are tear-resistant and stand up to rigorous scrubbing, even on rough surfaces. 

They come in tight sealing containers to keep the wipes wet and ready for use. The Stereze Workspace Wipes 100-count tubs feature a unique spring-loaded "slam-shut" lid that automatically snaps closed after each wipe dispenses, prolonging the shelf-life of the wipes after the factory seal is broken. 

Higher wipe count 100-wipe tubs or 800-count buckets help ensure you won't run out of wipes. It also means fewer reorders and less time restocking the wipes. Plus the larger count containers reduce the number of plastic tubs going into the lanfill. Foil refill packs let you save the containers for reuse. Plus the containers are 100% recyclable.

Stereze Workspace Cleaner Wipes are made in the USA by MIcroCare (ISO 9001:2015 Registered). You can rely on MicroCare for quality surface wipes. Order with confidence and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.