Heavy Duty Rosin Flux Remover – SuprClean™ – Aerosol – Europe

Product Information

SuprClean Heavy Duty Rosin Flux Remover is the best choice for cleaning heavy rosin pastes and fluxes


  • Removes baked on rosin pastes, fluxes and electronic greases
  • Cleans R, RA, RMA, and SA materials
  • Ideal for the down-hole electronics for oil fields tools
  • Especially effective on rugged, high-temperature solders used on military PCBs
  • Not compatible with no clean fluxes
  • Ideal for heavy-duty degreasing
  • Easily removes acrylic conformal coatings


  • Produced, packaged and labeled to meet European regulations
  • No residue/no rinsing
  • Strong cleaner – test soft plastics before wide-scale use
  • Kb Value: 110 (strong)
  • Fast drying for speedy cleaning
  • Chemical Family: HFC blend
  • Nonflammable for added safety
  • Low odor for a better work environment
  • VOC Content – Aerosol: 1080 g/L
  • RoHS/WEEE/REACH/ EPA SNAP compliant

SuprClean™ Heavy Duty Rosin Flux Remover formulation for Europe has a low viscosity and low surface tension, making it perfect for reworking today’s tight-fitting components, including even BGA chips. It gets under components, dissolves flux residue and rosin paste and rinses it away. The aerosol cans are both TriggerGrip™ Cleaning Tool compatible and StatZAP™ ESD Eliminator Tool compatible.

Product Details

Product Image
Part Number Package Weight Size Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
Product Image MCC-SPR2127 SPR2127 SPR MCC-SPR2127 Aerosol 340 g .75 lb. 269 m 12 oz.
Part Number MCC-SPR2127
Package Aerosol
Weight 340 g .75 lb.
Size 269 m 12 oz.
Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet
Appearance Clear,colorless liquid
Odor Slight Etheral
Boiling Point 42°C / 109°F
Chemical Family HFE
Evaporation Rate Fast
Flashpoint <35°F (<2°C)
Safety Rating NA

Safety Data Sheet


Technical Data Sheet