3M Novec Alternatives

These tested, tried and trusted fluids make excellent 3M Novec replacements and are readily available for immediate global shipment.

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Your Solution to Discontinued 3M Novec Solvents – Seamless Transition Guaranteed

MicroCare has the essential replacements for 3M's discontinued Novec™ solvents, ensuring a seamless transition for you.  With 3M's plan to cease production of their Novec Specialty Fluids by 2025, companies like yours need reliable alternatives. MicroCare offers 3M replacement cleaning fluids rigorously field-tested to match or exceed the cleaning performance of Novec™ 7100, 71DE, 7200, 72DE, 72DA, 73DE, and more.

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Don't wait until supplies dwindle - plan your transition today. Contact us to discuss which MicroCare fluid (Tergo™, Teres™, or Opteon™) best fits your needs. Our Novec replacements are formulated and produced in New Britain, CT. With ample capacity, they are readily available for immediate global shipment, ensuring uninterrupted supply without import delays.

Discover Perfectly Clean with Our 3M Novec Replacements

Our 3M Novec solvent replacements offer comparable, if not enhanced, cleaning performance compared to Novec Specialty Fluids. They effectively clean a diverse range of soils. Furthermore, our Novec alternatives boast similar, if not identical, compatibility profiles, ensuring the safeguarding of delicate materials from potential damage.

Comprehensive Technical Support, Guidance, and Training

We offer extensive technical assistance throughout your fluid transition to minimize disruption to your cleaning operations and budget. Our team of chemists at the Critical Cleaning Lab conducts contamination analysis, performs cleaning tests on your components, and assists in optimizing your cleaning techniques for optimal results at the lowest cost per clean. With over 360 years of collective critical cleaning experience, our field experts comprehend the intricate interplay between cleaning solvents, equipment, substrates, and soils. We impart our expertise through ongoing troubleshooting and expert advice on qualifying and validating your 3M Novec replacement fluid. 

To receive free assistance with qualifying new cleaning processes, validating existing processes, or addressing contamination concerns, please reach out to MicroCare at 800-638-0125, via email at [email protected] or contact us here. We are dedicated to making your 3M Novec replacement fluid transition smooth and efficient.

Safe & Sustainable Vapor Degreasing Solvents 

The MicroCare non-water-based vapor degreasing solvents offer seamless integration into your equipment and processes, requiring minimal adjustments. Our lineup of 3M Novec alternative fluids includes nonflammable azeotropes, ensuring chemical stability and enhanced safety during usage and storage. These trusted Novec replacement fluids are characterized by low GWPs, low VOCs, and zero ODPs, contributing to greenhouse gas reduction efforts and compliance with stringent air quality regulations.

Novec #

MicroCare Replacement




Tergo PF100

Teres HPCF

Opteon SF33


Tergo CCA  

Tergo XCF2  

Tergo HDF


Tergo PF100IPA

Tergo PF105

  Tergo XCF1


Tergo PF100

Teres HPCF

Opteon SF33


Tergo SFR

 Tergo GCF

 Tergo XCF3


Tergo HDF

Tergo XCF3

Opteon SF80


Tergo HDF

Tergo XCF3

Opteon SF80


Aerosol Benchtop Cleaning Fluid Replacements

MicroCare offers Novec fluid replacements for PCB benchtop cleaning including contact cleaners, electronics degreasers, and flux removers. Flux removers include heavy-duty and VOC-free variants. They are available in medium to strong cleaning strengths to remove oils, grease, fingerprints, silicone, adhesives, coatings, high-temperature rosin, and RA and RMA fluxes.

3M Novec Item

MicroCare Replacement

Contact Cleaner


Contact Cleaner Plus


Universal Flux Remover


Heavy Duty Flux Remover


VOC-Free Flux Remover


Heavy Duty Electronics Degreaser



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