Stencil Wiping Roll for MPM Printers, Standard

Product Information

The Standard MPM Stencil Wiping Roll helps speed printing time


  • Specifically engineered for lead free and FP (Fine Pitch) applications
  • MPM stencil printing machines
  • Exact replacement for the OEM MPM stencil rolls


  • Advanced fabric is up to 20% stronger and 50% more absorptive than other polyester/cellulose non-woven fabrics
  • Durable and absorbent fabric – not paper
  • Soft, non-linting, low-particulate fabric uses no chemical binders
  • The Standard MPM stencil wiping roll eliminates the need to use solvents during automated understencil wiping
  • Helps helps reduce roll consumption, speed printing and improve yields to save money
  • Choose 18"W x 47 ft. (.45 m wide x 14.33 m long) or 18"W x 39'L (.45 m wide x 11.89 m long)

Product Details

Product Image
Part Number Package Weight Size Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
Product Image MCC-101TX 101TX MCC-101TX 10 Rolls Per Case 6.80 kg 15 lbs. .45m x 14.33m 18' x 47'
Product Image MCC-101TEA 101TEA MCC-101TEA 10 Rolls Per Case 6.35 kg 14 lbs. .45m x 11.89m 18' x 39'
Part Number MCC-101TX MCC-101TEA
Package 10 Rolls Per Case 10 Rolls Per Case
Weight 6.80 kg 15 lbs. 6.35 kg 14 lbs.
Size .45m x 14.33m 18' x 47' .45m x 11.89m 18' x 39'
Technical Data Sheet